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We are authorized and licensed by the IRS to prepare Federal tax returns, and recommended by the American Embassy in Bangkok and the U.S. Consulate in Chiang Mai as "Paid Preparers" as well.  We service about 150 U.S. tax clients throughout Southeast Asia, most of whom we have never met face-to-face.


Our fees are based solely on the forms and schedules needed for completing your tax returns to either minimize your taxes or increase your tax refund.  To keep your cost at a minimum, we operate out of our home/office in Chiang Mai, Thailand, thus avoiding high office rentals in Bangkok.

We can prepare your current and delinquent IRS tax returns, all State tax returns, and amended tax returns.   As a complimentary service, we also like to review a copy of the last original return filed to see if there are any beneficial prior year carry-forward or tax credits.


If need be, taxpayer compliance with the new Treasury Department  FBAR Form FinCEN 114 can be processed electronically for “Americans Living Abroad” who have foreign bank accounts of $10,000+ or its foreign currency equivalence, which is due annually by June 30th..

General Tax Information


According to Internal Revenue Service rules and Federal laws, all U.S. citizens must file annual Income Tax Returns to report their total worldwide income (for Single filing status, $10,300 or more; for Married Filing Jointly filing status, $20,600 or more) from wages and commissions earned, pensions, Social Security, interest, dividends, capital gains, and rents received, and self-employment income.


Click on the itemized directory listed below for detailed information about filing your tax return:


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Contact Information


If you live in the Chiang Mai region, please call for an appointment at 053-869-155; otherwise, follow this easy two-step process:


1.      Download and complete the Client Tax Information Form [client_form.pdf], [client_form.doc].

2.      Mail, e-mail, or FAX the Form with supporting documents (Forms W-2s, 1099s, SSA-1099, etc.) for immediate processing to


Mailing Address:       American Taxpayer Services

                                    411/166 Moo 5

                                    T. Nong Han, A. San Sai

                                    Chiang Mai 50290



E-mail:                        krebs@us-taxpayers.com


FAX:                           (053) 878-658


Telephone:                  (053) 869-155


“Licensed by the IRS to prepare U.S. income tax returns for Americans living in Thailand and beyond